Thursday, 20 March 2014

Example "Launch" Press Release

Here is an example I'd like to share with you of a press release that I recently wrote for a new cosmetics company.
I enjoyed writing this one because the style of the brand suited my style of writing, I was allowed to break a few writing rules here which I loved! 
Go ahead and visit the Wildcandy link below to feast your eyes on some branding and imagery well executed.

Beauty Media Release: For Immediate Release
Wild Candy Cosmetics
Address 1
Address 2
Address 3


Brazen Babes Go Wild for New  Lipsticks!

Dear ___________,

A new generation of smart, influential and fierce young women are emerging. They are the next risk-takers, creative problem-solvers and game-changers of the world. They love to experiment and discover how powerful they are in every aspect of their evolving identities.

Wild Candy has created eight potent lipstick pigments that capture the pure positive energy of these vibrant vixens as well as two limited-edition lippy’s. Dreams of even more daring shades are on the horizon! Our inaugural line of lipsticks comes in shades of neon, pastels and brights. The textures range from ultra-matte to semi-matte.

Wild Candy is fearless, edgy and not for the weak-spirited, so “Go bold or go home!”

Anita launched Wild Candy Cosmetics in March 2014. She has been immersed in the world of cosmetics throughout her career and is a trained, experienced, New Zealand make-up artist with a love for everything creative.  Anita is the force behind the Wild Candy concept but she’s also a gentle-heart. This mum of two has created these lippy’s so you can buy cruelty free throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Not only is Anita a creative and entrepreneurial inspiration, but she also inspires us through her passion for having a healthy life.  Anita's values on health led her to search the globe to find just the right people to collaborate her designs with. Finally she found a great company in the United States to produce her quality lipstick designs that are paraben free. This reduces the chance of allergies and cancer – especially on young skin.

The future is bright & bold for this empowering and individual new brand so stay tuned and try some Wild Candy!



Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Parking Lot Movie

If you want to find out why university students, graduates and professors from Charlottesville, Virginia (United States) all covet a job at the humbly-named, 'Corner Parking Lot', you gotta check out this heart warming movie - "The Parking Lot Movie".

This bunch of quirky, super-interesting, intellectual dudes had me re-assessing my own happiness in my work. And actually it's helped me let go of a lot of status and ego that was attached to my thoughts about careers. Now I'd love a job at the Corner Parking Lot (just not night shifts)! So if you don't want your career-paradigm changed, or to see your job from a different and enlightening perspective - don't watch this movie!

Here's a link!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Merchandising Addiction

I saw you out shopping. You purposefully re-arranged that teapot in a position that will maximise its sales better than it was before, didn't you? I caught you casting your eye over the shop and imagining it less cluttered and with a boutique-y feel. When you thought no-one would notice - I did.

No!! Of course I didn't, I'm not an all-seeing, God-like, big-brother-sister entity you silly sausage.

But, if you DO get overly excited about colour-blocking, jeans hanging from ceilings and vintage telephones in shoe shops, then I'm afraid you may have 'Merchandising Addiction'.

Here's how to tell if you have this mind-encompassing condition:

1. You cringe when you see a highlighter star card with handwriting on it
2. You feel a little bit memorised (and in colour blocking heaven) when in Smiggle
3. You hold yourself back from re-merchandising someone else's shop or window
4. Your own wardrobe uses visual merchandising philosophies
5. You feel the need to freshen up the furniture positioning in your own home. No one else is allowed.

If you identified with just two or more of the above situations then I recommend you...

Comment below and we'll figure it out together. Actually, I have it too and I don't know where to turn!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Business Mentors New Zealand

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people at the Business Mentors NZ centre in Christchurch. These lovely folk make spare time to help out business owners who would like a little extra support.

They have over 1,900 business mentors nationwide, and can match you with a mentor who has the skills and knowledge specific to your business circumstances. They have assisted over 65,000 businesses since 1991. Their mentors are proven successful business people from a diverse range of fields.

It only costs $150 to apply for a Business Mentor and you can have their assistance for up to 2 years, free! So if you starting a whole new venture, want specific advice, or just want someone to bounce your ideas off of,  head here:

Monday, 26 August 2013

Good Vibrations - Intangible Marketing

I'm not a surfer (or anything close) but I know for sure that 'good vibes' go a long way in retail and business.

Who doesn't like to be, or shop, in a place that has a good feeling?

I worked for a company that had such a wonderful atmosphere that it has made a lasting impression on me, for life. And now every organisation is measured up against this one. I like to deal with companies that offer a positive vibe, and when I find them - I'm hooked. A loyal customer forever.

So how do you get your customers addicted, using such an immeasurable, seemingly intangible approach? That's right, I'm not talking about price wars, discount sales, shopping reward points or policies and procedures. I'm talking about mushy old feelings. And yes, they do have a place in business.

Because you can tell when a business has a good, and well thought out flow and the people all have the right attitude. Watching staff seamlessly sort through stressful, high pressure situations can be amazing to watch. It's like they've put on a show. And it's such a buzz to experience yourself as a manager and a customer.

And during quiet times, its a joy to come across a retailer not slumped on the counter, counting away the minutes is it not?!

When you're running a business, busy crossing T's, dotting I's and crunching numbers... how can you make sure your bricks and mortar retail store has a good vibe?

Be F.R.E.S.H in your business approach

If you've arrived at your own store and the atmosphere is less-than-fresh, you had better check the following aspects...

F - Family
Are you treating your staff and customers like an extended family? Do this and reap the rewards. Check that everything is OK with their families too.

R - Respect
Easy one. Treat others as you would like to be treated and ensure everyone is doing the same.

E - Energy
If the energy is lacking in your store, get your thinking cap on to get some energy going. Do you need some high energy music or a staff competition? Does your ever-yawning employee need to just get some fresh air? Do you need a nap on your lunch break? Chocolate anyone?

S - Simple
Simplify your store and its systems. De-clutter the shelves, your desk and shop window. A spring-clean surprisingly does wonders for sales.

H - Holistic
Think about everyone's needs in a holistic way, and don't forget your own. We can be so focused on the business that we forget we aren't robots - we are human. So be mindful of your own and your peoples whole selves.